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Empowering informed investment decisions

Our in-depth research coverage and broad sales distribution platform position us at the heart of the UK equities ecosystem.

Connected to investors

With one of the largest dedicated UK equity sales teams in the market, we have close connectivity into all of the key investors globally who look at UK companies.

The quality of our institutional relationships, along with our comprehensive insights into current shareholder views on public and private companies, enables us to target future investors with carefully curated roadshows and compelling equity stories. Our innovative and flexible approach has allowed us to extend our network into wealth managers and regional pension funds via our dedicated PCFM (private client fund management sales) service.

Insights that drive decisions

Our equity research is a critical part of our offering, with our sector-specific research teams going the extra mile to deliver unique and actionable market intelligence for our institutional clients. Our high-quality and timely analysis of individual companies, industry sectors and the wider market context delivers pivotal value.

As part of the Deutsche Bank Group, our clients can now access an additional range of high-quality global equity, economic and ESG research. Find out more about Deutsche Bank research here.

NickStockman"As the bridge between our institutional clients and our corporate broking business, what really differentiates our equity sales desk is the longevity and depth of our client relationships, our expertise in the UK market and our stable team."
Nick Stockman
Head of UK Equity Sales

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150x150_DavidBrocton"We provide market-leading equity research coverage across the UK and Ireland for international institutional investors, with highly regarded analysts who have an outstanding knowledge of the sectors they cover."
David Brockton
Equity Research

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