Our enhanced European equity sales team


The London-based Deutsche Bank equity sales team have recently joined their Deutsche Numis colleagues to form an enhanced European equity sales team – one of London’s largest. Nick Byrne, Co-Head of European Equity Sales, along with his counterpart at Deutsche Numis, Nick Stockman, explain how a wider, bigger equity sales team can deliver new opportunities for clients.

Deutsche Bank has always had a strong equity sales team dedicated to providing excellent service to our institutional client base globally. The pan-European sales team has been built to provide broad account coverage with additional sector and regional specialisms – with general sales in London, Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich, an international-focused team with global expertise based in London, and a specialist sales team covering five large sector verticals, also in London.

The ethos that defines the team is to co-ordinate connectivity between institutional investors and corporates, through research and sales-led debate with our institutional clients, and through our excellent corporate access conference and roadshow offer – this, in essence, is the same objective of the Deutsche Numis sales team.

Globally, we now have 55+ equity sales people, which, alongside our expanded pan-European research coverage, makes us a formidable player in the market, with the aim of providing a strong offering of pan-European product to our clients.

We’re excited to see how our enhanced network, new relationships and even stronger distribution capability create greater opportunities for our clients.

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